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Quail Haven

view of house facing south




2 lots, 1.5 acres each, $40,000 & $45,000; and one double lot, 3.3 acres, $75,000, can be split. Underground water, electric, & phone to the lot lines. Put in your own septic for approx. $4,000 to $7,000. Each lot has a driveway & site cleared for building your non-toxic home. 


1344 sq. ft. HOUSE built 2002 is for sale. Eco block construction with polystyrene forms with cement poured in middle has superb insulation. Stucco outside with dry vit over protects from cracks/leaks. Steel roof & 2 skylights. Incandescent lights, ceiling fans & windows in each room. Fir interior walls, dry wall, low voc paint. Heat pump has HEPA & ultra violet filters for heating/cooling. Polished, tan cement floor. 3 sliding glass doors face south onto terrace for passive solar heating. Floorplan allows 1/3 of house to be shut off & rented with its own bath/kitchen/wash machine. House valued at $250,000, asking $228,000.

Might rent house with option to buy at $1400 mo. (includes utilities) to someone responsible & capable of independent living. No changes may be made to the house.


Strict covenants to keep this a clean air area.  Quail Haven comprises 9.4 Acres at 3000 feet altitude & lush desert vegetation. Neighbors on 3 sides have 5 to 10 acres; the 4th side is 30 untouched acres next to state land.

1 1/2 miles dirt road to Q. Haven. 36 people with MCS have lived at the house or in their cars (which is not allowed now) & some have gotten better. Well with a huge food grade holding tank of excellent tested water. Air is pure almost always, occasional smoke, super quiet. Winter, fall & spring pleasant, summer 90-100+. Fab sunsets/rises, dramatic clouds, monsoons & excellent bird life. 30 miles to Whole Foods in Tucson, 15-20 minutes to Basha's organic sections, doctors, etc. in Catalina; from there it's malls, hospital etc all the way into Tucson proper.


     Serious buyers only call Diane 520-825-7273. If you want me to make & send you a CD of motion pic's of the grounds, plants, house exterior,& comments just mail $10 to me at 5556 n. maria dr. Tucson, Az. 85704   



The top photo shows 3 sliding glass doors facing south for passive solar winter heat. Provide walk-outs into huge fenced yard.

MCS-QH house - eas side

Photo 2: the east side of the house with a 6x6 sliding glass door at the office (or quest room )& a 4x6 window at the master bedroom. 
& the door with top 2x2 window goes to the bathroom(which also has an interior door into the bedroom).
Photo 1: facing south into the huge 6 foot high fenced dog or child yard. The 3 sliding glass doors are 6x6 & provide passive heat during the winter. The middle is dining or living room & the sides are offices or living rooms or xtra bedrooms. Whatever one wants to do. There are basically 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 kit, 2 office, 1 dine, & 1 living room space in this 1344 foot home.

Photo 3 shows office, bedroom, & bathroom areas on the east. Both bedrooms & both offices on east & on west have open closets.