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Quail Haven

photos page 2

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west side office area has 4x6 window & 6x6 sliding glass door, open closet space, ceiling fan/lights,wired correctly if you want dish satelite tv service


bedroom on east side of house

master bed has 4x6 window & open closet

There are 2 bedrooms(1 on the east & 1 on the west). There are 2 offices (1 on the east & 1 on the west). There is a master bath on the east & a small bath ties into a small kitchette on the west. The middle of the house is the main kitchen/dining/living room. The north side of the house has a huge parking area. The south has a patio & steps down into the huge fenced yard.

bedroom on west 1/3 part of house

My QH house has 1.5 acres. I have a huge fenced area for children or pets. The chain link fence is 6 feet high with 3 gates & great for airing papers & clothes etc. There are some trees & cactus plants in this yard. The entire Quail Haven project is 9.4 acres.

my view west of Suizo mtn's

This pic is my view of the Suizo mtn.s to my west.

my view north to well tank

plenty of parking space in front of north side of house